What is Martinizing?

In 1949 Martinizing Dry Cleaning was founded by a New York chemist by the name of Henry Martin. During this time the dry cleaning process was started in town at store fronts where customers would drop off there garments to be cleaned. Due to the extreme flammability of the solvents being used the garments would then travel to a remote processing facility out of town to be cleaned, pressed and would then be returned numerous days later to the store fronts for pick up.

The development of the non-flammable solvent Henry Martin discovered allowed for processing locations to be conveniently located in town and at times even on site cleaning in the stores the garments were originally dropped off at. Over time this developed into the concept of One Hour Martinizing.

Boise Martinizing

The "Westco" Martinizing chain of Dry Cleaning stores started in 1964 here in the Treasure Valley. The first store opened at the Hillcrest Shopping Center. The chain expanded, building stores in Yakama, Seattle, Spokane, Coeur d ‘Alene and Lewiston. At the peak "Westco" operated 35 locations. In 1971 Will Winkle and his partners purchased "Westco" and operated the Westco Martinizing Dry Cleaning stores for 38 Years.

In 2008, Winkle Group Inc. purchased the Boise area Dry Cleaning operation from Westco, Inc. Thus began the second generation of the Winkle family operating Martinizing in the Boise area. At the present time the Winkle Group operates 9 Martinizing Dry Cleaning locations, 2 independent Dry Cleaning locations, 1 Centralized plant and a Pick-up and Delivery Service.

Jim Winkle, President of Winkle Group, Inc. was elected to the Martinizing International Advisory Council. This council represents the leaders in Dry Cleaning from around the world. Martinizing Dry Cleaning is the largest dry cleaning franchisor in the United States with locations in 7 countries and U.S. Territories. Currently, over 175 franchisees operate over 750 stores in the United States and 7 foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, Japan, Indonesia and US Territories. The Treasure Valley will benefit with Jim seating on this council because Martinizing will be first to market with the most current dry cleaning practices in the world.

Yes, Martinizing is a franchise, but the Idaho born and educated Winkle Family has been operating the Martinizing Stores in the Boise area for over 40 years.